spring fever

March 28, 2013

“Spring, are you there? It’s me.. Allie.”

So ready to retire my winter boots, whip out the sandals, & bathe in the sunshine. This weather is atrocious (like that?) – last winter it barely snowed & here it is, torturing us into late March. Point is, I’m over it! I want to have a reason to wear sunglasses, show my ankles & have it be appropriate, & rock these space shoes with mini skirts. That’s all I ask! Until then, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. So, um.. I was featured in March’s Cosmopolitan Magazine! Then, my heart stopped..
  2. I caved & bought these KW sunniesswoon.
  3. Keeping it simple in a pajama like get-up, in the form of Joie (on major sale!)
  4. These Target sneaks make me feel like an astronaut, & I like it.

Most importantly, I took the plunge & started a Facebook Page for my blog! Long overdue, I’m aware – but, like me! Please?

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